Are You LIVING Together, or DYING Together?
(a Finalist in the 2012 New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards)
As a Holistic Life and Wellness Coach for many years, this book contains the TOOLS used by Dr. Wanda for all of her clients. These tools are like a MAP. You need a MAP to get to your destination. Once you reach your destination, you no longer need a MAP. If your destination is wholeness, peace, harmony, and health in BODY, MIND, and SOUL, these tools are your MAP to get you there. Dr. Wanda urges you to “USE SKILLS, NOT PILLS”. She teaches you that “knowledge is power” and WISDOM ends all suffering. We came to this Planet to bring out the INNER Powers within all of us. This book teaches you first of all SELF-KNOWLEDGE and secondly KNOWLEDGE OF OTHERS. You need to learn how to treat people the way THEY want to be treated. This book will give you the tools (MAP), which will take you there. Dr. Wanda is not trying to FIX you, because, in reality, you are not broken. You are made in the “image & likeness” of your Creator as your Father/Mother God. All that the Creator is, so are you. The attributes of the Creator are wisdom, love, strength, and power. We came to bring out these inner powers. You will discover, as Dr, Wanda has, that you can create “heaven on earth”, your destiny.

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Dr. Wanda Cody Ross Padilla

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