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Dr. WANDA GLAMMA reveals her Discoveries!


“How would you like to CRACK THE AGING CODE? Feel and LOOK great at any age.  It really is NEVER too LATE to start!
Dr. Wanda Ross Cody-Padilla is an award-winning author of three mini-books!
See the attached BLURBS of her three E-books you can download NOW!
Dr. Wanda teaches by being an EXAMPLE.  Hers is the body of proof:  At age 79, she takes no PHARMACEUTICAL MEDICATIONS (She believes in SCIENCE, so if your doctor has prescribed medications/immunizations for your PHYSICAL or MENTAL health please take them, people are dying for a lack of modern medicine --when and IF needed!  Use your “common sense”, as Dr. Wanda says!) 

Dr. Wanda doesn’t have any aching knees, so she still skis downhill (at the AGE of 72, she became a “SUPER SENIOR” – At the Santa Fe Ski Basin and skis FREE at most SKI RESORTS), she bikes, hike up and down the mountains, loves TENT camping (with an AIR MATTRESS and a porta LOO – she ain’t stupid), arm wrestle her 14-year-old grand-son, loves cooking amazing VEGAN dishes for her family and friends, loves taking cross country road trips and the ultimate for her going on a yearly winter cruise for her favorite destination:  the Caribbean Islands.  Being FRUGAL, she gets the BEST CRUISE DEALS & books a year ahead!  She pays a down payment and pays monthly because this is so important and she saves money by not really being into shopping.  Her looks are VERY creative and INEXPENSIVE! She just likes to look high-end and trendy.  Have you heard of “Buffalo Exchange Stores”?  Consignment shops? She loves them and loves to accessorize her looks…she is FRUGAL, not CHEAP!

So for those of you interested, read her background on this site; the thread that runs through her three books and Coaching practice:  She is DEEPLY SPIRITUAL, not RELIGIOUS.  She deeply believes in HEAVEN ON EARTH NOW! And that WE ARE HERE TO HAVE A GOOD TIME!  Seems like a MIRACLE?  Well, she believes in MIRACLES:  doing her DAILY SPIRITUAL PRACTICES creates MIRACLES.  A MIRACLE is simply the OUTWORKING of UNIVERSAL SPIRITUAL PRINCIPLES & LAWS.  Life is a GAME, just learn and play by the rules!  “GOD AIN’T GOT NO FAVORITES!”  (says my Spiritual mother, The Reverend Dr. Jonnie Coleman).  READ Dr. Wanda’s three short easy-to-read E-books BOOKS (see a blurb attached).  “IT WORKS IF YOUR WORK IT!” (says the Rev. Johnnie).  Your job, according to Dr. Wanda is to:  STUDY, PRAY, and MEDITATE.  So SIMPLE most miss it!  Not Dr. Wanda:  SHE IS A GOOD STUDENT, SHE LISTENS AND DOES HER “PERSONAL WORK!”  Read short and easy-to-read books, all she knows NOW are in them.  She is continuing to learn and EVOLVE.  There will more experiential BOOKS are on the way - HER GIFT TO OUR SWEET “PLANET EARTH SCHOOL”…

HER legacy!

wisdom and grace life coaching from an elder
african american glamma



Are You LIVING Together, or DYING Together?

(a Finalist in the 2012 New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards)
As a Holistic Life and Wellness Coach for many years, this book contains the TOOLS used by Dr. Wanda for all of her clients. These tools are like a MAP. You need a MAP to get to your destination. Once you reach your destination, you no longer need a MAP. If your destination is wholeness, peace, harmony, and health in BODY, MIND, and SOUL, these tools are your MAP to get you there. Dr. Wanda urges you to “USE SKILLS, NOT PILLS”. She teaches you that “knowledge is power” and WISDOM ends all suffering. We came to this Planet to bring out the INNER Powers within all of us. This book teaches you first of all SELF-KNOWLEDGE and secondly KNOWLEDGE OF OTHERS. You need to learn how to treat people the way THEY want to be treated. This book will give you the tools (MAP), which will take you there. Dr. Wanda is not trying to FIX you, because, in reality, you are not broken. You are made in the “image & likeness” of your Creator as your Father/Mother God. All that the Creator is, so are you. The attributes of the Creator are wisdom, love, strength, and power. We came to bring out these inner powers. You will discover, as Dr, Wanda has, that you can create “heaven on earth”, your destiny.



Life Begins at 70! Yes 70 is the new 40

(Dr. Wanda gifted each of the guests at her 70th Birthday bash because this booklet is her life).
This mini-book spells out the three powerful hindsight she’d like to share with the world. It is all so CLEAR now. Your CONSCIOUSNESS is really the KEY to cracking the “aging code” and even reversing the so-called “aging” process. Learn the thoughts and actions you can take to be as Bob Dylan’s song and lyrics say: “Forever Young”.



Stop Digging Your Grave With Your Teeth

(a Finalist in the 2013 New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards)
Tells you how to do this by becoming a “Vibrant Vegan” (Vee-gun). This simple little mini-book can show you how you can become fit and ageless at any age. It is never too late to begin. This mini-book will tell you how, in a “down-to-earth” way, how you can become virtually immune to heart disease, obesity & diabetes. It is a small book you can carry with you everywhere. Don’t take Dr. Wanda Glamm’s word for it, try it. It has a number of yummy recipes and menus for your start-up plan.

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Dr. Wanda Cody Ross Padilla

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