In my 20’s I was INSPIRED by the “drop-dead gorgeous” LENA HORNE (singer, if you youngins never heard of her), who was a BLACK and a GLAMOROUS beauty. In her day, (a true story): in a public (or hotel) swimming pool, when she was spotted getting out of the pool, the entire WATER WAS DRAINED by white racists! Ouch! This did not deter her from her life well lived and her many gifts. She simply was reputed to have said “Honey, I JUST LOVE THE HELL OUT OF THEM!” Then when she was asked “How do you keep looking so good (in her 70’s – I think), she simply said: Dahling, I started preparing for ‘old age’ in my 20’s!’

SHE MADE SO MUCH SENSE TO ME WHEN I WAS 24, I IMMEDIATELY STARTED PREPARING FOR ‘so-called OLD AGE’ in my 20’s. “IT WORKS IF YOU WORK IT!” (My Spiritual Mother: The Reverend Dr. Johnnie Colemon)
Johnnie also said: “GOD AIN’T GOT NO FAVORITES!” (What the Universe did for me, IT can and will do for you! AMEN?)

So just stick with me (Your “Loving Glamm-ma”).